Why Choose Us?

We’re Insured!

If you are hosting an event, I highly suggest only dealing with fully insured vendors. Most venues today require that all vendors be fully insured to be allowed on property.  However, the venue contract typically leaves the host (you) responsible for making sure your vendors are insured.  Quality vendors have no problem providing the necessary proof of insurance, so ask them!

We’re Family Owned!

We are based in St. Louis, where we were born and Raised. I went to Lindbergh High School and Renee went to Parkway West.  We met at Mizzou in 2001 on the first day of school our freshman year.  Today, we live in Crestwood and have a couple of kids who love going to the Zoo and Magic House.  We take a tremendous amount of pride in our photo booth business… Our goal is for every one of our customers to want to recommend us to their friends and family.

Family (4)

We Bring a LIVE Photographer

Having a live photographer photo booth makes a HUGE difference when compared to a traditional automated enclosed photo booths. Why?  Because we are able to correctly frame the shot and tell people to look at the camera.  (You know what I am talking about… The Photo Booth picture where you were looking at the screen instead of the lens, we’ve all done it!)

Our Prints are HUGE!

Every picture we print for your guests are 4”x6”. Typical photo booth rental companies print 2”x6” Strips with 3-4 Pictures on each strip. We always do unlimited prints so your guests can still take multiple pictures, only now they will have way bigger copies of them! Are you looking for something bigger than 4”x6”??? No problem! We also offer 6”x8” prints as well.


That’s right… we offer Instant On-Site buttons for our photo booth events!  Yes, just like the Magic House!  Each button is 2.25” in diameter and we can make them with a “Pin-Back” for your guests to wear on their shirt…. or with a “Magnet-Back” for them to put on their fridge.  These are truly unique pieces your guests will remember for years to come.  You should see our fridge at home, we have tons of buttons of our kids!

We’re Open Air

Open-Air Photo Booth rentals are better than Enclosed Photo Booths… Here is why:

We’re Fast!
One of the biggest advantages of our open air photo booth set-up means we are able to take way more pictures than a traditional closed Photo Booth that requires the guests to navigate through relatively simple, yet time-consuming commands to get their pictures. Believe me… An extra 30 seconds per group adds up quickly.

We are Flexible
Because of our setup, our photo booth can fit in virtually any space. One time we setup in a bar with about 5 feet of counter space, plus we were doing buttons! It was perfect for their event and the photos turned out great! In an ideal world for optimal “People Flow” we need about a 20’x20’ space. This way we can keep the line moving swiftly and allow people plenty of time to try on the props and sign the keepsake album.

Guests Look at the Camera

Fit More People in the Picture

People SEE the fun!

INSTANT Upload to Facebook!

You read that right! Once we take the picture, in addition to printing off, it is also uploaded to your own personal Album on our Facebook page. Guests love this feature as we always see people tagging themselves and sharing pictures from your event. Of course WiFi is required for all of this to happen instantly. If we don’t have WiFi, we will simply add them after the event.
Don’t want your pictures on Facebook? No problem! Just let us know!

INSTANT Digital Access!

Your guests have a number of different ways they can access their photo booth photos once the picture is taken.

Email – (ON for every event, unless otherwise indicated)

Text – (ON for every event, unless otherwise indicated)

Twitter – (We normally leave this feature OFF because people tend to forget their passwords and thus slow the line down. Plus they can use the other methods to access their photos.)

Facebook #1 – They can post the photo directly on their personal Facebook page.(We normally leave this feature OFF because people tend to forget their passwords and thus slow the line down. Plus they can use the other methods to access their photos.)

Facebook #2 – It will be instantly uploaded to the Mr. Pickles Photo Booth page. (Assuming you haven’t instructed us NOT to do this)

Optional Add-Ons

Instant On-Site Buttons

That’s Right! We bring all the equipment necessary to make Instant 2.25” Buttons for your guests. (Additional Attendant recommended for events with more than 50 People)

Video Montage (Post Event)

See the best pictures from your event in an awesome slideshow that is uploaded to YouTube. Check out some samples by visiting out YouTube page.

Roaming Photography

Have us bring an additional Photographer to roam your party and take candids of your guests with our Professional Equipment. Check out our Facebook Page for some of our Candid Shots. (i.e. Lohmann & Degrand Weddings)

6" x 8" Prints

Do you want your guests to have a larger print to take home? No problem… upgrade to 6”x8” Prints. They take a few seconds longer to print but they are worth the wait!

Instagram Prints!

Does your event have an Instagram Hashtag? (i.e. #JoshAndReneeGetHitched) We have just the thing for you! Every time anyone in the WORLD uses that #Hashtag while we’re at your event… It’s going to instantly print a copy at our booth. Yes, you read that correct… INSTANTLY!

Green Screen

We can send your guests to ANYWHERE YOU WANT! We’ll just change the background to what you choose…. This is always a crowd favorite!

Our photo booth rental can always include a green screen, just let us know.

Keepsake Album

We print an extra copy of every photo and put them in an album. We will even ask your guests to leave a note for you to personalize the album.

Additional Hour

Additional Hour Operational (Of course Set-Up & Breakdown is always included and never counts as operational time)

Additional Attendant

Recommended for Larger Events (200+)

Highly Recommended for Buttons at Events with 50+ Guests

Live Slideshow

We Provide an Additional Flat-Screen Television that scrolls through your event’s pictures live in Real Time. Guests always LOVE watching this!


Who Is Mr. Pickles?

He is our dog. He is a Malti-Poo born January 23, 2008 and was a wedding present to my wife. His full name is “The Valiant Mr. Louis B. Picklesworth of Tealridge” and he loves licking noses.

Do You Guys Travel?

Yes, in fact we will travel to anywhere in the world. We charge $1/mile round trip from Zip Code 63126, and the first 100 miles are free.

Example #1: Travel to Columbia, MO: Estimated 240 Miles Round Trip from St. Louis, MO 63126. Additional cost would be $140.

Example #2: Travel to Jamaica: Estimated 3200 Round Trip Miles from St. Louis, MO 63126. Additional cost would be $3100.

Is Mr. Pickles Photo Insured?

Yes, of course we are… but there are plenty of photo booth companies who are not. I suggest you make sure all of your vendors are insured, as this puts you personally at risk if something happens at your event. We will happily provide coverage information upon request.

How much space will you need?

Good Question! We are VERY flexible… but the more space we have, the better. Ideally for a full setup (Backdrop, Printer, Props & Buttons) we would have a 20’x20’ area to have good flow of guests moving through which allows us to take more pictures. Good Flow = More Pictures = Less Waiting In Line. With that being said, because of the nature of our setup, we can fit in virtually any space that is provided so let’s chat if you have concerns.

What time will you be setting up?

It only takes us about 30 minutes to set up, but we like to arrive 60-90 minutes early just in case. Definitely let us know if you want us to work with your specific schedule. For local events, we may even set everything up early in the day and return when the party starts.

Are you guys hungry?

Yes, thanks for asking! Only kidding… kind of… so here’s the deal… We certainly do not expect to be fed. However, we feel rude when we turn down or don’t eat food that is offered or presented to us. So just let us know if you’re planning on feeding us and we will plan accordingly. There is nothing worse than being presented an awesome plate of delicious food and we have a full belly because we ate right before we arrived.

What will you be wearing?

We do our best to dress appropriately for every event… please let us know if there is a dress code.

Why did you name your business "Mr. Pickles Photo?"

No idea.  I blame beer.

Will you match this deal I have from another company?

Maybe, depends on the company and what they are offering. There are a lot of photobooth companies in St. Louis including plenty of fly-by-night operators that really just don’t do a good job. Be sure to read reviews and do as much research as you can about any photo booth company you are considering. We have heard some real horror stories about some bad companies out there. (i.e. Showing up Late, Not Delivering as Advertised, Poor Quality Prints, Unprofessional/Unfriendly Attendants, Canceling last minute, Not showing up at all… We had one Bride and Groom who paid a company they found through a popular discount site… They paid their $500 in full ahead of time and the company disappeared. The couple heard from them again!)

We take a tremendous amount of pride in this business and spend a lot of time making sure every event is a success. We’ve also done extensive research into what other companies offer and what they charge and we feel our pricing is extremely fair. In fact…. our closest personal friends pay the exact same amount for the Base Package that total strangers do.

What kind of power source will you need?

All we need is a normal, everyday 120 Volt Grounded Outlet. Please let us know if the outlet is going to be more than 20 feet away.


Our packages start at $899.

For full pricing details, CLICK HERE and tell us more about your event.  Then we will provide you with a link to our pricing page.